Cris Hammond is an artist, writer, and entrepreneur. His comic strip, “Speed Walker, Private Eye” was seen daily in over 150 newspapers across the country. His commercial cartooning clients over the past 35 years include Banana Republic, Chevron, Dole, Hewlett Packard, and Roundtable Pizza to name a few.  His paintings of ships and the sea have appeared in galleries in Sausalito, San Francisco, Tiburon, and Carmel California.

He has also worked as an artist, effects designer and model maker for Lucas Film's Industrial Light and Magic, working on such blockbusters as "Howard the Duck" and "The Golden Child." He ended his movie career as head sculptor and model maker building the underwater vehicles for the movie, "The Abyss."    

       In 1994, he made a whiplash inducing life change and founded what is now known as Workforce Logic, a company that specializes in defining the legal and tax liabilities associated with the contingent workforce. (Weird, huh?) In late 2001, after growing it to a point where he figured it could get along without him, he left the company and created PaparazziH2O, a web enabled on-the-water yacht photography business. This was a hell of a lot more fun, but also freezing and wet most of the time. With a heavy heart and an aching back, he gave it up and went back to his first loves, writing and drawing cartoons.     When asked by Chris Matthews, "What's with the cartoons?"     He replied, "Huh?"